August 10th, 2022

As I’ve visited so many of you over the last two days, one word has kept coming to mind…gratitude. I’ve seen so many smiles, heard so many laughs, seen such camaraderie and enthusiasm that the energy felt contagious. Yes, there are some bumps to get over, and we will, but for now, I’m overwhelmed by the many reminders of why I agreed to take on this new role.

I know you’re tired after all the meetings, the schedule changes, the seating charts, the roster changes, the labeling, the planning, the bulletin boards, the emails, getting the nurse’s office ready, checking over 504s and BIPs and IEPs, figuring out all the logistics of how to make everything go smoothly…it’s a lot. I hope you are able to go home today and get a good night’s sleep.

I know you’re nervous right now. Meeting your students is exciting and scary, the bit of the unknown that a new year brings.

I know you’re excited right now. You finally get to put faces to names, put plans into action, begin building relationships and communities of learners, and start fresh like we do every year.

I hope you take time today to pause a minute and soak in all the joy and wonder being an educator brings. I cannot imagine a profession more rewarding than education (even when it feels like a thankless endeavor), and I feel so, so blessed to get to see all the incredible work happening in our buildings.

So, if it’s your first day embarking on your new career, or the first day of your last year teaching, or you’re somewhere in between, I hope today brings you joy, satisfaction, memories that will make you smile, and a reminder of why what you do matters so very much.

Have a wonderful first day!

Jennifer Adam
SCEA President
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